Production and assembly of Aluminum and PVC joinery and glass-packaging; trading with construction glass in stock, patterned glass, mirrors, etc.

1. Fill in the number of the scheme on your choice from the list below.
2. Choose type and colour of the joinery.
3. Fill in the dimensions in millimeters and the numbers in the respective position.
4. From the falling menu GLASS-PACKAGING, choose type of glass-packaging, and if your choice is not in the list, please fill it in the field OTHER.
5. Fill in the number of wings with 2-axle opening for the respective position (opening of the vertical and horizontal axle at the same time), if you want such.
6. Fill in as many positions as the number of your enquiries you would like to receive an offer for.
7. Don’t forget to fill in your name, site address, your email address, telephone and/or fax number.
8. Click on the “Send” button in order to complete your enquiry.
9. After receiving your inquiry, we will reply you back as soon as possible either by phone/fax or by e-mail.

* The final cost will always be calculated after taking the exact measures by our specialists and specifying all details.

* All schemes suggested here include the most popular types of windows and doors that have been used. If the windows of your choice are not shown in these schemes, please send your sketches by fax or email, in order to receive our offer.

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